daily-ish index.

  • re: waiting for paint to dry.

    Watercolour painting has forced me to become more patient than I’m used to. I’m used to pushing through. I’m used

  • on photo expeditions, part one.

    I went for a long walk with the dog this morning with the intention of not only getting out into

  • on plein air lunch breaks, part one.

    I’ve been taking my pocket sketchbook to work with me, the little one, the wallet-sized, fit-in-your-jacket-pocket, discrete-to-carry-around moleskine that I

  • of ai, part one.

    Almost everyone is talking about or writing about AI these days, and in particular with regards to things like the

  • for finding inspiration, part two.

    I sometimes see artists depicted in film, fiction and media and consistently those artists tend to be singularly focused on

  • on fountain pens.

    I’ve been trying out fountain pens again. About a year ago I bought a dip pen, some ink, and a

  • of spring-spiration.

    It’s the first day of spring. Or, officially, the spring equinox and the astronomical point at which the planetary axis

  • of multitasking.

    I dabble in a lot of artistic stuff. I’ve been painting and posting it here, sure, but I have also

  • on photography.

    I bought a camera app. Well, precisely, I subscribed to an app for my phone for about ten bucks per

  • to rule them all.

    It’s strange to admit but after nearly 18 months of actively sketching and painting I finally — finally! — bought

  • for supplies on hand.

    I work in the office downtown at least two days per week. I work from home the other three. At

  • on half march.

    Getting to the half way point in any goal is something to be celebrated. As of today I’m about half

  • on pi comics.

    I used to draw a web comic more and paint a lot less. I note that fact today because the

  • on maintenance days.

    Some days you need to just put aside time to do maintenance. On your tools. On your supplies. On yourself.

  • about the details.

    I’m not a details person. In my head I think I’d like to be, but it takes a special sort

  • of peaks and valleys.

    I’m in a bit of a valley right now. I’ll admit, the daily drawing has resulted in a few recent

  • on brush care.

    A couple yards of fabric, a sewing machine, an evening of work, and a simple idea. I spent Wednesday after

  • re: the renaissance man.

    The term “renaissance man” is one of those labels that someone is not allowed to give themselves, I think. A

  • on daily surprise.

    It may be a surprise to learn that when I wake up each morning during these daily efforts of drawing

  • drawing on complexity.

    Today’s sketch caught me doodling while looking out the window of my office during my lunch break. I work nearly

  • on kudos.

    Having support from other people, positive words of encouragement, or other kinds of thumbs up for your efforts is nice,

  • in support of practice paper.

    Maybe it seems obvious, but when I first started watercolour and was dealing with the cost of supplies, I overlooked

  • to march fo(u)rth.

    March forth and never give up. March forth through not just the easy tasks, the obvious solutions or the simple

  • on defining purpose.

    For over five months I ran this website as a simple collection of a few medium-length blog posts. Then, about

  • for finding inspiration, part one.

    How do we find something to draw? I still struggle to think like a painter when I’m so used to