daily-ish index.

  • regarding themes.

    I don’t know the long term impacts of focusing my learning into themed months, but when for example I decided

  • of hesitation.

    Artistic paralysis is definitely a thing. Call it whatever you want. A dry spell. Writers block. Lack of inspiration. I’ve

  • for a gallery show.

    “It’s your first gallery show!” They told me as I walked into the lunchroom. I gave my notice at my

  • on class.

    Seven weeks into an eight week class I feel a lot of things, but I think it’s best summed up

  • in defence of breaks.

    Even routine needs to be broken occasionally. I’ve been training for a marathon for the last three months. I started

  • on brushing up.

    Over the last few years of trying to teach myself to urban sketch and dabble in watercolour, I’ve bought a

  • on instruction.

    I took a three hour watercolour class at the local community centre this afternoon. We painted a sunset behind the

  • on not drawing.

    I’m taking a deserved day off. I’ve been drawing every day for the whole month of March and (with some

  • on #martch last.

    It’s 7am as I write this last post of my month of daily drawing and unless something goes terribly wrong

  • of human perspective, part 2.

    I just read an article about an upgrade to a video game I play. The game now includes ray tracing.

  • on fountain pens, part 2.

    I ordered a couple fountain pens last week, and since they’ve arrived I’ve been dabbling in doodling with my new

  • on messes.

    I had thirty minutes at lunch today to do my daily sketch, so I went for a walk and found

  • masked off.

    I’ve been experimenting with masking. No, it’s not anything unique or new, but I’ve been playing around with the notion

  • re: waiting for paint to dry.

    Watercolour painting has forced me to become more patient than I’m used to. I’m used to pushing through. I’m used

  • on photo expeditions, part one.

    I went for a long walk with the dog this morning with the intention of not only getting out into

  • on plein air lunch breaks, part one.

    I’ve been taking my pocket sketchbook to work with me, the little one, the wallet-sized, fit-in-your-jacket-pocket, discrete-to-carry-around moleskine that I

  • of ai, part one.

    Almost everyone is talking about or writing about AI these days, and in particular with regards to things like the

  • for finding inspiration, part two.

    I sometimes see artists depicted in film, fiction and media and consistently those artists tend to be singularly focused on

  • on fountain pens.

    I’ve been trying out fountain pens again. About a year ago I bought a dip pen, some ink, and a

  • of spring-spiration.

    It’s the first day of spring. Or, officially, the spring equinox and the astronomical point at which the planetary axis

  • of multitasking.

    I dabble in a lot of artistic stuff. I’ve been painting and posting it here, sure, but I have also

  • on photography.

    I bought a camera app. Well, precisely, I subscribed to an app for my phone for about ten bucks per

  • to rule them all.

    It’s strange to admit but after nearly 18 months of actively sketching and painting I finally — finally! — bought

  • for supplies on hand.

    I work in the office downtown at least two days per week. I work from home the other three. At

  • on half march.

    Getting to the half way point in any goal is something to be celebrated. As of today I’m about half