regarding themes.

I don’t know the long term impacts of focusing my learning into themed months, but when for example I decided that in August I would draw at least one “people-focused” sketch every day for those 31 days it becomes the primary effort of 95% of my art to fit inside that theme, for better or worse. In August, by the way, I am doing at least one daily sketch that is of people, a person, or which has a human as the primary subject of the art (or in other words, not just urban sketch with some people scribbles in the corner, but a what-if-people-were-the-focal-point of the paint, type paintings.) Ultimately I think it will improve all aspects of my art, if only because putting paint on a page is practice, of course. But refining and replicating and repeating is core to learning, and I think scattershot that learning becomes less purposeful than it could be if that same time and energy is spent iteratively working against a theme.