of travel tiny sketches.

We have a little mini vacation coming up this summer and I’ve been thinking a lot about travel sketching. I mean, isn’t the that whole substance behind urban sketching—to bring a sketchbook along and scribble shapes and colours that remind one of the adventure? The place we are off to next is simultaneously not really amenable to travel sketching and one of the best places in the world to people watch: Disneyland. One would think there would be a thousand moments to draw and a thousand opportunities, but the fact is that there is so much hustle, bustle and shuffle that the idea of sitting still to capture a shape or a scene has not been a success for me the last time we went. I am thinking of procuring a tiny sketchbook to attempt a reprise of that effort as simply and streamlined as possible—and so maybe next month I’ll have an update on how that is panning out.