reference photos.

Finding reference photos to draw has been one of the big challenges of learning to draw. These are nothing particularly special, but they are photos I HAVE TAKEN and OWN so can offer to any readers of this site, free of charge, as reference in your art-making.

  • whyte avenue smoky

    whyte avenue smoky

  • whitemud creek.

    whitemud creek.

  • dublin spire.

    dublin spire.

  • new york meatballs

    new york meatballs

  • the met.

    the met.

  • disney world.

    disney world.

  • yellowhead brewing.

    yellowhead brewing.

  • jasper construction.

    jasper construction.

  • audrey’s b.

    audrey’s b.

  • 109th & 99.

    109th & 99.

  • alberta legislature spring.

    alberta legislature spring.

  • secretary’s office.

    secretary’s office.

  • 105th construction.

    105th construction.

  • first pres edmonton.

    first pres edmonton.

  • beaver house.

    beaver house.

  • 110th apartments.

    110th apartments.

  • dublin busroute.

    dublin busroute.

  • iceland shore.

    iceland shore.

  • alcatraz.


  • san fran.

    san fran.

  • downtown san fran.

    downtown san fran.

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