on photography.

I bought a camera app. Well, precisely, I subscribed to an app for my phone for about ten bucks per year that simulates some of the features of an SLR camera. It’s not perfect, but it allows manual control over things like white balance and exposure that are all seemingly automated in the native camera app on the phone.

Why did I do this? Well, for you to be frank.

I’ve been posting a lot of photos of my art here and those photos are … well .. to be frank again, mediocre. I usually take at least a dozen of each sketch in various light trying to find the best, clearest, most true version of that sketch, but even the best of the best of those photos are hitting about 75% quality.

Taking photos of art is a skill or requires gear or is impossible or something. I look at the real life sketches in my book and they are lively and bright and interesting. I look at the photos and they are … ok.

Hopefully there really is an app for that.