in defence of breaks.

Even routine needs to be broken occasionally.

I’ve been training for a marathon for the last three months. I started training eight months before the actual race because I’d been injured and while I wasn’t (strictly speaking) starting from scratch, I was pretty much starting over in my running career. So I’ve spent about three months building.

And then this week I took a break. I skipped two runs. Why? Because, life. Because we were having some new carpet installed and I needed to move furniture for three days straight. Because there are forest fires a few hundred kilometers away and the air is brown here. Because my legs are tired. Because I wanted to. Because.

I was writing here daily for about a month and a half and then I abruptly stopped.

Why? Because. Because sometimes routines need to be broken, and occasionally one just needs to stop and readjust. And there’s nothing wrong with that.