for supplies on hand.

I work in the office downtown at least two days per week. I work from home the other three.

At home I have lots of art supplies, including dozens of paint brushes, a half dozen paint sets, a small stack of art books, pens, erasers, rulers, masking fluid, markers, palettes, sponges, tape, easels, and a dedicated space to keep it all.

At the office I have whatever I can squeeze into my backpack alongside my computer, notebook, mouse, coffee thermos, and other random work supplies.

I usually try to squeeze in something, not because I expect to paint at the office when I should be working, but sometimes on a lunch break or between peaks in the waves requiring my attention, or after a particularly stressful meeting, the mind often needs a break and sketching is often the answer to that.

I could fill that backpack with all the supplies I want and still leave things behind, but I really only have a bit of room, so learning to pack efficiently to be able to have what I need has become a well-practiced skill.