on #martch last.

It’s 7am as I write this last post of my month of daily drawing and unless something goes terribly wrong today and I can’t find thirty minutes or so to dabble out even a simple sketch, I think I’m going to be able to announce on April 1 (no fooling) that my daily doodles have been successful.

I still need to catch up and post photos of all that art in my gallery but trust me, I’ve draw at least something every single day this month.

A conclusion post is in order, of course, full of observations and lessons from the daily effort of putting something into a sketchbook, but the simplest takeaway for me today, as I get ready to do my last sketch of the month, is that drawing daily has forced me to draw even when I haven’t been “in the mood” or “feeling inspired” and has more than once resulted in an image that I never would have painted but has turned out to be something I’m proud that I did, and fascinated by the results.

Thirty down, one to go. See you in April.