of human perspective, part 2.

I just read an article about an upgrade to a video game I play. The game now includes ray tracing. In essence, it changes the way light is rendered by the 3d processing engine to enhance the dynamic blah blah blah… technology!

I watched the video and couldn’t see the difference. Honestly.

I’ve written previously on folks who lose their mind over technology specs and overlook the art the technology is meant to support.

I once had a friend who wanted to see my dSLR and was insanely excited that it had (for the time) a great megapixel count. He didn’t look at a single photo I’d taken on it. Didn’t care. It was about what the camera could do, not what I could do with it.

And just like the video game, some people get excited about the technology of the game and not the gameplay.

So, when I sketch I try to keep in mind that I’m the type of person who gets excited about the art not the paintbrushes.