Month: October 2022

looking across the river.

Breaking in a new sketchbook is a daunting moment. It’s not as if they are outrageously expensive, but after investing thirty bucks into a new Moleskine watercolour folio, peeling the plastic cover off, and quietly considering how great it was going to look full of lovely urban sketches, I couldn’t help but hesitate to put a first mark on the page. I bought a new sketchbook because we’re going on a plane in about three

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of a million little leaves.

The autumn weather and colours brought me on a long wandering walk this past weekend through the rolling single-track trails of our local river valley. Fifteen minutes of brisk strolling in the direction of the parklike preserve finds multiple opportunities to step into a wilderness that changes with the season. For a few days, literally only days, each year the trail is a glorious canopy of oranges and yellows, and on rare days it is

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of nature studies and pinecones.

Autumn arrived like an express train, passing between the trees with a gust of chilly wind and leaving behind a noticeable change in the mood. The leaves changed colour with its arrival, folding from a mature, ripe green hue to patterns of orange and red and yellow and brown. These are colours to which I have learned this year to give new names: ochre, umber, rust, and olive. While I spent hours of my weekend

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