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of birches in autumn.

Summer has flitted by in a whirlwind of action, but not without a lot of paint staining the various papers and notebooks in my house. That’s to say, while I don’t really have an excuse for not posting for two months, it has not been because I have abandoned my art efforts, nor fallen to idleness. Autumn has left me inspired, however, and I’ve been out in the trails taking photos, sketching, and generally enjoying

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of a million little leaves.

The autumn weather and colours brought me on a long wandering walk this past weekend through the rolling single-track trails of our local river valley. Fifteen minutes of brisk strolling in the direction of the parklike preserve finds multiple opportunities to step into a wilderness that changes with the season. For a few days, literally only days, each year the trail is a glorious canopy of oranges and yellows, and on rare days it is

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