Month: September 2022

of curious wildlife.

It didn’t take long for me to become a paper fanatic after I started working on my art more. One sketchbook lead to three or four sketchbooks which lead to a small stack of books, pads, and bricks, each designated for a purpose or a theme or a specific style of art. I have a hardcover sketch book just for drawing people. I have a coiled watercolour pad just for scenes painted from photos. I

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in the smokey park.

The dog wanted to sit in the grass. We’ve been riding a sine wave of temperatures through the last month or two, going from unbearably hot to jacket cool. Today the temperature swung back up to the hot again after a few days of pre-autumn chilly, and the dog, half way through our afternoon, pulled me in the shade of some big old trees in the park and plonked down in the shade in the

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in the garden and by the lake.

Almost a year ago to the day I found myself standing in the aisles of a local art supply story browsing the watercolour painting supplies. This is a site about that journey. From then to now, and then on and on, forward and beyond. I’ve painted almost a hundred pictures since that day, dabbling in colour and form and shape and style. And to be honest, most of it was mediocre. Then suddenly, things started

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