regarding supplies.

When we were in New York City late last year we went for a short exploration of the Public Library on 5th street. It is a beautiful old building and they had a free exhibit of really old books. They also had a gift shop.

My wife and I met while working at a library. It was our after school jobs. You could say we have an affinity and a history with libriaries.

So, stumbling upon the library gift shop it was not really surprising that combining a vacation in New York City with little gifts emblazoned with the NY Public Library logo was something that appealed to us.

I bought four souvenirs in New York and two of those things were from the New York Public Library gift shop. I have talked about my leather-bound sketchbook in a previous post. I have not mentioned the pencil case.

I bought a pencil case with the lion’s head logo of the NYPL on one side and a book quote on the other. I needed a better way anyhow to stow and carry my pens, pencils, brushes, erasers and other supplies. And now my souvenir of a great trip became a functional art tool that I bring with me all over the place… to make art. How is that for a great plan?