about addendum b.

Continuing on from yesterday’s note and the addendums to my About Me page, I thought it worth noting that in the last week or so I’ve branched out from purely watercolour painting notes and added a quiet little section where I’ve been trying to evoke my inner Asimov and write fiction on the daily.

There is a little section called the story as noted hidden down in a menu somewhere and it’s become the place where I try each day — or have done for the last week or so — to write a bit of loosely connected science fiction-type words. I aim for a hundred-plus words per day, roughly drabble-length, but just brick by brick adding to a larger narrative. That narrative fiction may change over time, but at the moment it is a silly story about a dying planet Earth in the somewhat medium future and a guy named Noah aboard a transport spaceship full of barnyard animals.

Not watercolour, but rather continuing to build my little digital creative studio space here.