about addendum a.

I have a fairly vague and creatively idiosyncratic-bent About Me page on this site. Of course this would do little favour to a website that was actually hoping to lure in long-term repeat visitors and actually cared about things like audience retention or selling a product… which I don’t.

I’ve thought about rewriting my About Me page, but instead I decided I’d just start leaving addendums here in my daily notes and maybe someday someone will care enough to scroll through these far enough to find out more about what’s going on here on notesforasketch.ca.

See, I started this site because I was listening to a podcast and the interviewee of some particular episode kept mentioning about his work and how he would often carry around a book and make “notes for a sketch of” blah blah blah so that he could go back later and draw from memory. At the time I was thinking a lot about my various creative pursuits, and the work I was doing in learning watercolour and how some of the stuff I’d written so far was leaning towards the “advice-zone” — and not in a good way, towards advice that as a learner I really had no business handing out. I just wanted to keep track of things for my own business-of-learning needs, so really what I needed was a lot of little notes for that one sketch that I’d made written in a casual sort of manner and being reflective on my process and the sorts of thoughts I was thinking when I painted said image.

Idea: conceived.

Of course, in the intervening months this has not only started to swirl into more of a solid vision, but I’ve found I can use this site to leave more than art notes, but blobs of fiction and of course these daily missives, so the whole site is really starting to become something more of a digital creative studio space for me, and I like where it’s going.