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of winter skies.

I decided in later October that I was going to write here moreā€”and then promptly October turned into November and November is a month when I do a 50,000 word novel-writing challenge and that consumes hours of my day, each day, and leaves very little time behind for either art or writing about art. But it’s December now. And I’m still busy trying to bring that novel from about fifty-eight thousand words to a conclusion

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in a dimly lit space.

Not only have I been thinking of all the new things I can do with the skills I’ve learned in my watercolour class, but I’ve been thinking such thoughts in the context of our upcoming trip to Europe where (so I’ve heard) there are plenty of neat things to sketch and paint. Of course there are. I made a trip to the art store last night, and when the “dude” at the counter asked me

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