on daily surprise.

It may be a surprise to learn that when I wake up each morning during these daily efforts of drawing or writing or whatever, I don’t actually have a plan.

The point of daily effort is sometimes the emergent nature of the effort itself.

For example, today I had no idea (as usual) what to draw for my daily sketch. Another pinecone? (I’ve got multiple photo references!) A scene from my photo library? A view from the window? A random object? A weird and wonderful robot?

Lunchtime came and despite the cold I went for a walk with the dog. There in the park, sitting on the branch of a tree huddled against the cold an old, fat magpie was sitting glowering at us, cawing a warning as I stood there a moment to watch.

I pulled out my camera and took a photo… then promptly went home and started my Wednesday sketch.