of peaks and valleys.

I’m in a bit of a valley right now.

I’ll admit, the daily drawing has resulted in a few recent pics that I haven’t been in a rush to upload and post. Anyone who reads more than a page or two on this site will know that I’m not a professional, but rather a guy who is trying to document his self-taught approach to learning to paint watercolour. By self-taught, of course, I mean lots of reading, lots of watching tutorials, lots of comparison, and lots of trial and error.

This valley has been a few successive days of the error part.

That happens.

And while I do get down on myself when it happens, I need to kick myself in my own butt and remember that error is part of learning and the valleys are sometimes just as important as the peaks.

So, I had a nice peak early in the month (in my own personal opinion) and while I may be in a valley now… another peak is likely just about to show up in front of me. Or, at least that’s the mindset.