are brand you.

Your personal brand is a culmination of everything you put out into the world under the banner of your name. It’s not a logo or a style or a website or a social media follower count. Or rather, it’s not just any one of those things, but all of them mushed together into the perception of someone who stumbles upon you and catches a glimpse of the piece that happens to zoom by as you pass through time and space and the universe. Imagine yourself as a stranger who opens a single page of your website, sees a single painting, reads a single paragraph of your writing or scrolls by a single post. Just one of those things. Not all. Not a cross-section. Not even the one you choose for them to experience. Randomly just one piece of creative output that you have shared with the universe. That’s how you will be experienced and understood by that person, through a single image, sentence, or dabble of paint on a page.

Does it say everything you want it to say? Does it say anything about you at all? If you put your true self into it, and create for the right reason, there’s no reason it would not be anything but what you want it to be.