Hari and Felix and I always ate together, but Mitch mostly kept to himself during our breaks.

I couldn’t fault him. I was always more willing to put up with Hari’s bullshit and Felix had a kind of blinder on for anything that was going on around him. But Mitch was one of those quiet guys. Still, deep waters, they call it. I don’t know if it was smarts or anger or maybe a bit of both. I suspect he had bluffed his way onto the ship, taking the last job he ever would have chosen just to get of Earth, but now that he was here he either didn’t want to get found out or had decided he should have stayed behind after all. That was my theory anyhow. Hari just called him “a stuck up asshole” and egged him on through mouthfuls of lunch ration. Whatever it was, it was snowballing towards something messy, eventually, between those two.